Reforestation is a critical environmental restoration activity that involves planting trees and restoring degraded or deforested areas to their natural state. These efforts not only benefit the environment by providing important habitats for wildlife and sequestering carbon, but also contribute to improving local communities' livelihoods through ecosystem services like erosion control and water regulation.

Planting Activities

Planting activities in reforestation involve careful planning and preparation to ensure successful establishment and growth of trees. This process may include selecting suitable tree species based on soil type, climate, and intended use, and preparing the planting site by removing weeds, debris, or invasive species.


Decarbonization is a critical measure to mitigate the effects of climate change and achieve global carbon neutrality by reducing the carbon footprint of industries, transportation, and households. Without decarbonization, we risk irreversible damage to ecosystems, food security, and public health.

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Passion in environment and forestry, we built Koperasi Produsen Anugerah Bumi Hijau (KOPRABUH) in 2006, make Guiness World Record of most populated trees planted in 2016.